Equipment Service, Maintenance, and Repair

We understand how emergencies jeopardize cleaning schedules, making prompt, reliable technical assistance critical. EMES Supply offers expert and timely equipment repair services as well as emergency replacement and rental equipment. We can also service and repair other equipment such as conveyors and lifts.

Two Electricians

On-site Emergency Repair Service

Same-day emergency services by trained technicians are available throughout Ohio. Our 24-hour on-site response time gets your equipment up and running fast. All emergencies are taken care of same day!

Rental and Replacement Equipment

We rent quality, safe, reliable machines to meet emergency or longer-term needs. Machines available for use include floor machines, propane and battery burnishers, automatic scrubbers, carpet extractors, and more.

Programmed Maintenance Packages

We have complete preventative maintenance packages to improve productivity, control costs, and lengthen equipment life. We offer the following:

  • Professionally Trained Cleaning Equipment Technicians—Specialists are professionally trained in the maintenance and repair of your cleaning equipment.

  • On-site Service for Heavy Equipment—Manufacturer-trained technicians are equipped to make repairs at your facility, or we pick up and deliver as needed.

  • Safety Inspections—Thorough system-by-system inspections help assure machine safety and reduce employee and customer exposure to equipment-related hazards.

  • 24-Hour On-site Response Time—We get your equipment up and running fast. Emergencies are taken care of the same day!

Scheduled Maintenance Services

We inventory, photograph, and assign equipment identification numbers to all equipment.

Scheduled maintenance is performed on recommended cycles based on equipment type and includes all checks and replacement of worn or damaged parts.

We maintain service call tracking and history.