EMES Contract Services and Support

EMES Supply is a key supplier to some of the nation’s largest and most experienced service contractors. Long-time relationships with national organizations, as well as independent regional and local contractors, make us a superior resource for regular and specialized facility maintenance services.

Throughout our EMES Supply Contract Services and Support group, we can manage the entire process, billing our customer directly for services which we source and oversee while eliminating the need for the customer to do any more than identify the dates and scope of services required. This allows EMES Supply to leverage its experience, relationships, and ability to control the costs of materials to our customers’ advantage.

Specialty and Contract Commercial Floor Care

Regular contracts or one-time service.

HARD FLOORS: Stripping, waxing, and revitalization. Premium specialized services for retail and health care environments, including grocery, banking, nursing homes, hospitals, and urgent care centers.

SOFT FLOORS: Carpet cleaning, stain removal, and rehabilitation services for offices, commercial properties, retail environments, churches, and schools.

Equipment Maintenance

Routine service and preventive maintenance packages for all types of floor equipment as well as checkout conveyers, lifts, and other material-handling equipment.

Mechanical and Facility Maintenance

Maintenance packages and contracting services for all major interior and exterior facility needs: landscaping and groundskeeping, parking lot maintenance and repair, interior and exterior lighting and electrical, HVAC, boiler treatment and maintenance, and more.

EMES Training and Support Services

We know that in most organizations labor costs represent the largest single expense in a maintenance budget. Research and common sense have established a direct link between cleanliness and customer satisfaction. In addition, regulatory considerations and liability protection can have immediate and lasting impact on the bottom line.

EMES Supply can help address each of these critical issues by offering a variety of training, educational, and documentation programs designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

MSDS and Product Information Management

EMES Supply provides comprehensive documentation to ensure that customers are in compliance with regulatory and internal standards:

Best Practices

Standard maintenance processes and procedures are the key to consistency, quality, safety, and savings. EMES Supply can help you establish them, provide training, and assist in developing and implementing ongoing quality measurement and reporting programs.

  • On-site Training: General cleaning and sanitation, food service cleaning and sanitation, hard floor care, equipment, specialized applications, and more. We provide training directly to employees or assist in developing internal programs.

  • Training Documentation: Individual certificates positively reinforce employees upon completion of training and also protect employers by documenting that individuals are adequately trained. We include certification for all our on-site and in-service training programs or we can assist you in developing documentation for internal efforts.

  • Maintaining Standards: High-visibility posters list standard cleaning and sanitation procedures as a ready reference for employees. We develop customized posters for departments or provide posters based on general industry standards and practices.

  • Measurability: Regularly scheduled maintenance reviews and evaluations help support consistency and quality. We perform regular periodic audits or assist in developing the materials necessary to manage an in-house program.

  • Rewards: Scheduled maintenance reviews can be made more effective through the implementation of reward and recognition programs that reinforce standards, encourage excellence, and reward effort.

EMES Training and Certification Programs

EMES Supply can provide a wide range of general and specialized on-site training for your staff based on industry standard procedures, or we can help you establish your own training. Training improves the quality and consistency of performance and results as well as reinforcing proper procedures and safely awareness. It also allows your organization to document that employees have been fully and properly trained.

The following are some of the many training programs we offer and the topics covered.

Floor Care Certification

Grocery Cleaning & Sanitation Procedures

Restroom Sanitation Procedures

Sample In-Service Training Outline: Floor Care Certification

Certification Review

A. Presentation of Certification of Completion